Regina Gill, MS, RD, LD (Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach)

Regina has a passion for nutrition. This passion was influenced by her mother, who made a concerted effort to provide healthy meals and be a role model of healthy living during Regina’s childhood. Over the past 10 years, Regina has gained experience in several areas of nutrition, mainly as a Clinical Registered Dietitian. Regina has been able to apply her knowledge to treating clients and witnessing the benefits of her nutrition therapy and recommendations. Regina is a published author. She has published journal articles on chronic disease management, including diabetes in top international journals. What keeps her going? She enjoys educating people about nutrition and how it can improve health and well-being. Her specialty is weight management, including weight loss and keeping weight off long term with mindful eating. Regina attended Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) and graduated with a degree in Food Science. She then attended University of Maryland College Park earning a master’s degree in Nutrition, with a focus on metabolic syndrome and chronic disease management. While in the master’s program, she completed the Didactic Program in Dietetics, which prepared her to become a Registered Dietitian. Regina is a foodie and loves to travel the world.

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